1927 SHORTFLATT TOWER Manuscript Visitor Guest Diary Scrap Book DENT Archive

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Another interesting manuscript book from the Edward Dent family archive of Shortflatt Tower in Northumberland. A very posh dark brown leather book which has gilt outer edge tooling and titled SHORTFLATT TOWER 1927. An album with photographs, newspaper cuttings, loose ephemera of all sorts and signatures of very much the same people who have stayed at the house over the years. I would say it has started life as a visitors - guest book which then nearer the back has become a scrap book and family event book.
It has a brown silky chintz material on the inside of the covers.  It has hand writing in the front inner page  Renee Hedley - Dent from Lily Dent & Joyce Howe 24th April 1927. Just so you know who Renee Hedley - Dent is,  she was the daughter of Sir Arthur Philip Du Cros, 1st Bart, she was Renee Maude Du Cros, and she married William Edward Dent in 1920. He changed his name by deed poll in 1926 to William Edward Hedley - Dent.  So they both became surname Hedley - Dent. He was a Lt. Col at this time.
The first photo is postcard size sepia and titled Shortflatt Tower. 757.
then a stiff card pasted in THE PERFECT GUEST .. so this is what makes me think they had people staying at the house from 1927 till the 1940,s.  The people they had staying would have been family and other well connected folks and not riff - raff.
So the first page is 1927 and they have some relatives staying of Renee, Roy Du Cros, Mande Du Cros, Arthur Du Cros, Peter A.M. Hoare, Phyllis Parker, Joyce Hoare and Lily Dent.  The Hoare family were from Luscombe Castle.  Other years as I read thru the book include these peoples names which may be of interest to some of you and they may well be Lords & Ladies, gentry folk that stayed at Shortflatt Tower numerous years in no particular order Claude Montgomery - Rita Du Cros - Peter A.M. Hoare - Joyce Hoare - Philip Du Cros - Peggy Graham - Margaret Graham - V. Archer Burton (unusual name this which can be googled and you will find he was from a rich English background and went Germany & America later on in life) - Ronald Irwin - Blanche De Meric - Victor De Meric ( this chap never needed to work again after they became rich producing HOLLOWAYS LITTLE PINK PILLS ) - Sylvia Mousel - J.C. Mousel - Barbara Taunce - Kathleen Heyland - Ida Carroll Leahy - Isobel Spencer - G & M. Parkinson - Lily Eustace Jameson ( found in popular flying magazine this young lady flew from Singapore to London which is 8323 miles in an aircraft called ARETHUSA ..she was the pilot in 1936 .. another Amy Johnson) - Norman Coulson - Elizabeth James - W.B. James - J.C.S. James - Sheila Clifton - John Becket - Reginald Jordan - Benjamin Eustace Jameson - Ina Gordon -  Anne C. Wilkinson - Vivian Stenhouse - Barbara Stenhouse - Ravensworth - Nancy Armstrong - Gordon & Margaret Shaker - Norah Awdry - Horace Falls - George & Ada Tuke - Elizabeth Insole & Allan Vyvyan Insole ( this is a very interesting couple who you can google to see they were from the Cardiff COAL DYNASTY that both died the same day in 1964 in South Africa which is still a mystery today ).
It gets to the end of 1933 and then the next page says SHITLINGTON 1934 ( not the best of place names ! ) which is in Northumberland and 2 hours and 11 minutes away from Shortflatt Tower.   Its becomes a GAME BOOK on this day with 84 and half brace shot, including Pheasants - Partridges - Grouse - Black Game
Snipe - Hares - Plovers (I didnt know they shot Plovers for sport ). The next page is 1935 and its a guest book again with more peoples names Melville Balfour - Humphrey & Celia Noble ( related to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Humphrey was Sir Humphrey Brunel Noble of Ardmore 4th Bart and his wife Lady Celia Noble, her maiden name was Weigall ) - Sheila Crawshaw - Edome Du Cros ( I have just googled this name and I see that Alan V Insole divorced Denise Anne Du Cros in 1927 ) - FitzRoy Tyers - Edward Croft Murray & Amy Croft Murray ( very interesting life this chap had ) - Denis De Lacerda De Mattos - Rita Watson - David Wedderburn - Hazel Beresford -  F.E. Taylor - R.C.V. Lang - Ronald M Brooks - Reginald Chichester - Winifred Beckett - Andrew Mayes - Oliver Stanley Clarke - Richard Carol - L. Harper Gow - Clare Sydney Smith ( famous author of The Golden Reign relating to T.E. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia ) - Sydney W Smith - Mary K Middleton - Diane Wade Palmer - Michael ? B. Straker - Muriel Speke - Marie J Wheeler - Peter Colin-Smith - Pamela Gaunnap-Moore - Gertrude C. Hawthorne - Heather Twine - Mary Monck - Edgar G Lister - Norman - a stuck in War Organisation British Red Cross certificate to Mrs Hedley Dent dated 1945 - Rosemary De Bultzo - Luke Dimsdale - Cland - Susan Studdy - Patricia Bell - Mary Wingate - Elizabeth Geiger - Sophia Spiker - Kitty Hervey Bathhurst - Michael Baring - Jim Lewis ( Brigadier J.C. Windsor  Lewis ) - Nancy Dixon - Joe & Rona Cresswell Tynedale Hunt Ball 1964 - Jacqueline Inchbald ( Inchbald school of design ) - Charles P Symonds. 1975 is the LAST year of writings in the book.. which is about half way thru it. There are many other items slotted in on the pages which are loose and must have meant something to Renee ...newspaper clippings, postcards, photographs, active service cards to Mrs Hedley - Dent, 2 typed letters which are copy letters addressed to Sir Arthur du Cros and its from Buckingham Palace dated April 1936 just telling him the King is thanking him for a memorial service he held at Craigwell House for King George, as well as him being happy to be presented with the Old Colours of the 2nd Batt Scots Guards from him - an FDC signed by Sir Francis Chichester 1967 - FDC maiden voyage of Mayflower II in 1957 - a 1947-48 Clothing Book.... this very interesting plush book is approx 10 inch x 8 inch x just over 1 inch deep. Loose entires and envelopes inside as well some of which are WW2 era censored. From HM Ship .... One of which is from a sailor called G. Proctor to Mrs Hedley Dent and its a postcard and he writes on the back thanking her for the welcome gift of cigarettes. He was on the ship H.M.T. Glen Kidston which was a minesweeper.  Another one which says its a parcel is presented through the Overseas League Tobacco Fund ... and its hand written and simply says Many thanks for your cigarettes Mrs Hedley - Dent from the lads of 14 Mess H.M. S. Erne which was a warship.  Another unused postcard is pre printed PRISONER OF WAR POST - British Prisoner of War. About HALF of the book pages have been used.  Some well connected people and their signatures in this book which will be a really good book for the researcher for years to come. A very interesting hand written book from this very interesting archive which belonged to the Edward Dent family.     See more items from this archive also listed for sale.
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